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  • Backup of changing folders

    I'm looking for a way to backup new files only using Beyond Compare 4. Merge might be the answer. After an initial backup, I only want to add new or changed files to it. But, with ever increasing number of files, I often reorganize my folder structure in my working directory for renewed simplicity. When comparing the working directory to the backed up directory I need to have the program find file folders that have moved, then check their file content for "missing" or changed files and only add the new files, then rearrange to the new folder configuration in the backup set. Time wise it might need to be confined to an "after hours" operation, but it would be well worth it for me.

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    Thanks for the feedback. BC4 does not detect moved files in different folders, so we're unable to perform this style of sync. If moved, both sides would be considered Orphan, so the new files would be copied over but the destination files would also still exist.

    However, if all files have unique names in any subfolder (only one file name on the left and right), regardless of location, then you could use View menu -> Ignore Folder Structure mode. This would align the file pair even if it moved, but requires that only one instance of the name exist on the left or right side. This wouldn't re-position the file on the destination side, but would let you see if the same file exists in both base folder locations.
    Aaron P Scooter Software