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NTFS permissions comparison

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  • NTFS permissions comparison

    We just ran into an issue where the jar file produced by an obfuscation tool no longer worked correctly in our Java application (but the original jar worked fine). We attempted to use BC4 to determine the issue with the obfuscated jar, but couldn't find any appreciable differences that should have caused the issue. We ultimately discovered that there was a permissions issue in the obfuscated jar by displaying the file permissions side-by-side in another tool.

    I did find the post regarding the icacls workaround after the fact, but of course we didn't realize it was a permissions issue so wouldn't have thought to try something like that. If BC4 had displayed any kind of visual indication of a difference between the two files, I believe it would have saved us hours of debugging, since a comparison of the jars is the very first thing we tried.

    I know you have stated in the past that adding NTFS permissions comparison is on your wishlist. Is there any chance it will be added anytime soon?

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    Thanks for the feedback. NTFS permissions comparison is on our feature request list but it isn't a scheduled feature on our internal development calendar.
    Chris K Scooter Software