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Are you aware of any reason why users\id\Desktop files aren't visible

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  • Are you aware of any reason why users\id\Desktop files aren't visible

    I synchronize a lot of stuff to backup disks.
    Win10 Pro Version 1709 ( OS Build 16299.125 ) doesn't show
    icons and files in the Desktop folder. Odd.

    Users\id\Downloads show fine.

    Peek only allows you to see .desktop.ini(sh)

    I've also noticed that renaming a file on the Desktop requires Admin privilege,
    even when my id is an Administrator account and I create the files and links
    as an unprivileged user.
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    If you launch BC4's shortcut with a right-click -> Run As Administrator, does this show the users' Desktop?

    Usually, if it were another Windows User, I would expect to see Access Denied, and unable to expand the contents. Even if your user account is Administrator, applications often need to prompt for elevated access (UAC). BC4 cannot prompt mid-run, so you need to launch ahead of time with the right-click -> Run As Administrator option.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the suggestion, Aaron. Nope. That doesn't reveal the files.

      Another surprise for me was to see multiple "desktop.ini" files displayed on the Desktop.
      How do they get away with putting multiple files in a folder with the same name?

      Answer: because they're not files?

      This is my Desktop. The way I got around the problem was to open Explorer to the directory where I wanted the files copied, then used Ctrl-Drag to copy desktop items to folder.

      I thought about UAC ... but discarded the thought without any experimentation.
      I disabled it and it didn't change anything.
      Then used Explorer to navigate to the Users/id/Desktop folder ... it's empty.
      Not a BC4 issue.


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        Ah hah. If you are User "id", and your Desktop is actually empty but you see items, also check Public's Desktop.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          The 3 .lnk files are owned by "Administrators" and visible in Users\Public
          The 4 files are owned by "MachineName\id" are not visible in either directory.
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            BC4 would not follow/resolve shortcut .lnk files to their targets, but Explorer would. Does this help explain the difference you are seeing between Explorer and BC4? Or at this point, is Explorer and BC4 showing the same thing, but your User's desktop appears to have more icons on it?
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Sorry for delay ... vacation time.

              I wasn't expecting BC4 to resolve .lnks. The files I hoped to capture were .PDF files.

              It's not a BC4 issue ... it's a Win 10 issue that I don't have the patience to pursue.


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                Win10 Desktop visibility resolved.

                I checked Users\id\Desktop properties.
                Win10 made some changes and I'm not really a fan; causes all kinds of performance issues.

                Desktop folder has been relocated to Users\OneDrive\Desktop

                Along with Documents and Pictures.

                The permission rules change when you use Mounted filesystems.

                Some applications automatically store files in Documents\AppFolder.
                If AppFolder is pointing at a network drive, Win10 will copy files to
                the network twice ... once to OneDrive and another to AppFolder.

                I discovered this when I suddenly exceeded my OneDrive quota and Microsoft suggested I change my "plan".

                Plans change ... I moved AppFolder to another mount point.