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Comparing lists and outputting only exact line matches or orphans

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  • Comparing lists and outputting only exact line matches or orphans

    Hello all,

    I want to compare two versions of a list. I know there can be only three cases for a line :
    • Identical in both lists,
    • Present in left side, absent from right side,
    • Absent from left side, present in right side.

    Currently, text comparison displays inline difference, so I can't get it to only display whether or not a line is strictly identical to its counterpart.

    I thought this would be easy to find, a simple switch somewhere in the options, but nope, I've searched quite thoroughly and didn't find a clue. Also searched in the forums, but found nothing.

    Thanks for any hint !
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    First, you'll need to right click the toolbar to switch to Toggles mode. You can then show only Left, Right, or aligned Differences, or Same.

    Are your lines already sorted and aligning? You can set the Session menu -> Session Settings, Alignment, Standard and enable "Never align differences" to allow only exact matches to align. If you need to Sort, you can switch to to the Sorted file format under the Rules button dropdown (or Format tab of the Session Settings).
    Aaron P Scooter Software