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I want to create a folder with the same path on the other side。

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  • I want to create a folder with the same path on the other side。

    I want to create a folder with the same path on the other side without having to copy all the files and folders in the current folder.

    Please tell me how to operate, thanks!

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    Load two folders in the Folder Compare.
    View > Always Show Folders.
    In the Filters toolbar, enter -*.* and hit Enter.
    Select a folder on one side and copy to the other side.
    To Copy confirmation dialog will show the text Selected folder(s) contain items hidden by display or file filters.
    As long as you leave Include hidden items in operation unchecked, the folders will be copied without copying files in the folders.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Sorry, but you didn't know my means. I just want to create the current folder on the other side and do not want to copy all the subfolders to the other side. The operation you gave is too complex and the filter need to be modified. Is there a simpler way to do it?


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        The simplest method is to either use Chris' suggestion and delete the subfolders after the copy, or use the New Folder Command, then copy/paste the target name using the Rename command. We do not have a command of to "Copy target folder, but no children/subfolders or files". Selecting a target and Copying it works similar to an Explorer copy, and includes all items within it unless they are filtered out.

        The quickest method is probably to follow Chris' steps and copy all the child subfolders (since, as empty folders, this will be very fast) and then delete the unnecessary subfolders.

        Alternatively, you can set a more complex filter with a series of steps such as:
        Right-click your target and Exclude it
        Edit the Filter toolbar and remove the - in front of the fresh exclusion to Include it instead.
        Duplicate the current filter with a quick Copy and Paste, separating them with a ;
        Edit one of the duplicates by adding a - in front to exclude it, and adding \...\*\ after it to exclude all subfolders
        Add ;-*.* to also exclude all files.
        This total filter would only Include the target, exclude subfolders below it, and exclude files, like Chris' setup. This probably is not easier than Chris' suggestion + manual deleting, but is a specific, targeted Filter.

        It would end up looking something like:
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          "Create new folder to the other side"
          This command can be shown in the pop-menu when I right click a folder.
          Can this pop-menu item be added in the future?


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            I'll add this idea to our Customer Wishlist.
            Aaron P Scooter Software