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Using BC4 to Replicate a Robocopy Command to Preserve Metadata

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  • Using BC4 to Replicate a Robocopy Command to Preserve Metadata


    I have Robocopy Command that I would like replicate using BC4. Can someone give me some guidance on what options that I should enable?

    Robocopy %source% %target% /TS /NP /NDL /TEE /DCOPY:T /COPYAT /E /MT:2 /R:3 /W:2

    Copy options with Metada Preservation (most important):
    /DCOPY:T – Copy Directory Timestamps
    /COPYAT – Copy Data, Attributes and Timestamps
    /E – Copy subdirectories, including empty ones

    Logging Commands (Can be Ignored):
    /TS – Include source file Time Stamps in output log
    /NP – No Progress – don’t display percentage copied
    /NDL – No Directory List – don’t log directory names
    /TEE – Output to console window

    The rest are pretty basic and can be ignored.
    /MT – Multithreading Copy
    /R – Retry count
    /W – Wait time

    The copy options are what I would like to replicate using Beyond Compare.


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    Thanks. We also discussed this over email. The summary was that Robocopy offers some options (preserving folder timestamps, and preserving Last Accessed, Created, and Modified). It's on our wishlist to enhance our copy functionality, but in the meantime you'll probably want to use robocopy for the initial transfer, and then BC4 to run a comparison scan after.
    Aaron P Scooter Software