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File and Folder differences . . . sometimes.

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  • Aaron

    Purple would indicate at least one orphan item within that folder. If you navigate in and use the Display Filters to show differences, what item is purple?

    As for the change in the behavior, if you then navigate to this item in the sub-selection comparison, is it then aligned to an item? How did this change from the parent comparison (was the item missing in the parent comparison on which side? If you use Finder, is that item actually present on the missing side?)

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  • tmpc
    started a topic File and Folder differences . . . sometimes.

    File and Folder differences . . . sometimes.

    If I compare the contents of a hard drive to that same content saved to a folder on a different hard drive, the display indicates differences (purple) on a few of the folders. If I then compare just one of those purple folders to its copy, the display indicates they are the same. Is there an explanation for this, or is this a bug?

    I am running v4.2.3 of BC on a 2012 MacBook Pro running OS X 10.11.