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  • Making backups?

    Can one make backups with BC? And keep the last 5 backups for example and then start over again?

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    BC4 can perform this type of sync manually. You can select a Source side and a Destination, then Sync from one side to the other. If you need 5 levels of backup, you could have 5 different destinations and cycle between which to use.

    The easiest method if for 5 full syncs (all data), but this depends on the size of your data set. If this is prohibitively large, you'll need to use a Snapshot (Tools menu -> Save Snapshot) to save a virtual representation of the current Source. You would Sync the current Source to Destination, then save a snapshot of the current source and compare Source against the Old Snapshot of Source to find the next phase of differences, then Copy To those differences to Destination2\ and save a new Destination2 snapshot to this folder.

    I should add that BC4's trial version is fully featured, so you can fully test this workflow before needing to purchase the software. Please note that Undo is not supported, so test with test Destination folders first, and don't delete any data while testing out the backup.
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      Alright, great, I will do it that way.

      Many thanks for the link to the trial version.