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  • Single Instance Option?

    Is there an option or other way to set BC4 into single instance mode?

    I keep the BC icon locked to my taskbar, and I have three large monitors. Unfortunately, if I move BC4 off of the center (main) monitor, sometimes I forget it's running (which it is most of the time) and click on the BC4 icon on the main monitor taskbar. Instead of bringing BC4 to the front on one of my secondary monitors, it starts a new instance.

    I only need one instance of the main BC4 window. If there were a single instance option that would solve my problem. I've had other programs with this option in the past, and as developer of windows apps (at least earlier versions), I know that it's not difficult to stay single instance in Windows as an option.

    If it's not an option now, would love to see it added to the feature queue.

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    The default behavior of a locked Win10 taskbar icon should be to call back the already open BC4 window. For the locked icon, if you right click it, then right click "Beyond Compare 4" and check the Properties, is it pointing to the install path?:
    "C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 4\BCompare.exe"

    or another .exe, or has /solo been added?
    Aaron P Scooter Software