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PDF Comparison in Version 4 differs with Version 3

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  • PDF Comparison in Version 4 differs with Version 3

    we have a problem, that the PDF Comparison with version 4 finds differences, while version 3 does not.
    We checked for the comparison with Adobe Prof. and manually. There shouldn't be differences in the files.

    This problem affects ca. 10-20% of all our pdf-Files. The "new lines" are wrong in the text comparison... so the rows and columns moved to wrong places.

    Has the algorithm changed with version 4? Is it possible to use the old algorithm with some parameter etc.?

    I can't post samples because of copyright law so far, but i am working on getting permission.

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    The conversion utility was updated to a newer version, which does change how it processes the PDF file. They also added new variables, which might help.

    Go to the Tools menu -> File Formats, and create a copy of the existing PDF file format. Then edit the copy's name to add "-tables" and in the Conversion tab, select External Program unicde filenames and for Loading:
    PdfToText.exe -enc UTF-8 -layout -nopgbrk -table %s %t
    enable Disable Editing

    Does this help with your specific sample set? There's also the option of using a BC3 install, Tools menu -> Export the older PDF conversion, and then Importing the older program into BC4.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      In the first test it works now!
      Thank you for the quick response!

      Why is is this parameter -table not default for the .pdf format?


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        It was non-default for the new version of the PDF Conversion utility, so we chose to keep the same. It also potentially changes the layout for other PDF files, so there isn't a clear-cut "better" command line for all files.
        Aaron P Scooter Software