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  • Transfer timestamp in synchronization mode

    Dear all,

    thank you very much for "Beyond Compare" which I like very much. I have downloaded version 4 to try it out. So far, I have been using Total Commander for many years and have loved its option to synchronize folders. Unfortunately, there is one powerful option integrated in Total Commander, which I miss dearly in Beyond Compare (or maybe have not found yet). Perhaps somebody could help me?

    In Beyond Compare, I use folder synchronizsation mode to compare a compilation of folders on my hard drive with my external drives (e.g. USB pendrive). Sometimes it would happen that files are the same but for their timestamps, which get changed due to reasons I do not know. Instead of copying the supposedly "newer" file to the other side (and risking data loss) I would like to transfer the original (= older) timestamp to the altered file without moving the file itself. Unfortunately, I cannot find this option in folder sychronization mode. Generally, Beyond Compare contains this possibility because I can switch to "folder compare mode" and there, via right click, you get the option to transfer file timestamps or other file meta data from one side to the other (leaving the file itself untouched). Afterwards the files are "identical" again. If they are not identical, then I know that the file itself has been obviously altered and that I must go more into detail.

    This seems very complicated to me (changing to folder compare mode and later back again). Why is there no option in folder synchronization mode? When Beyond Compare finds different files you can easily define for each different pair of files what Beyond Compare should do (copy from left to right, from right to left, delete left etc.). Could you add the options: transfer timestamp from left to right side, from right to left side etc.?

    Thank you very much in advance!
    D. Yukusoona
    Bonn, Germany

    When I rund folder synchronization

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    The Folder Sync session is designed to be a one-button Sync action, a subset of commands found in the Folder Compare session. The Sync always copies the full/entire file, depending on the defined criteria and comparison.

    The Folder Compare session, as you've found, contains the Touch command to copy timestamps, edit other metadata, etc. The Folder Compare also contains the sync commands under the Actions menu -> Synchronization -> select the type of sync, so it is possible to perform all of these commands in the same Session (Folder Compare).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Originally posted by Aaron View Post

      The Folder Sync session is designed to be a one-button Sync action, a subset of commands found in the Folder Compare session. The Sync always copies the full/entire file, depending on the defined criteria and comparison.
      I see your point and bow to it. Still, I see many advantages in having this option in Sync mode, too. Here is my example and problem at the same time:
      I often synchronize a local folder with an ftp folder. There is the well-known issue with differing timestamps although files are identical. I konw that BC can change the local timestamp to fit to the ftp timestamp to omit this problem. But in my case it is not 100 % useful because I use special programs which build websites (e.g. Jalbum 13.x). As soon as I make small changes in the designed album, Jalbum re-creates many files (buttons, navigation images etc.). These files remain the same but get an old timestamp. When I sync my local folder with the ftp folder, BC would show me hundreds of files as different and would suggest to back-copy the files from ftp to my local drive. This, of course, I do not want because I know that the files are identical. Instead, I would like to mark all the files and set the option "copy timestamp from right to left" (ftp to drive). In contrast to local comparisons, I do not see an option to change to folder compare with ftp drives (I now know that in folder compare mode this would be possible). Thus, currently, I do not see any possibility to solve this problem in my case but by going back to Total commander for this single option. In Total commander (sorry for comparing but TC has been my homebase so far) you can easily mark the files, copy the timestamp only, and afterwards TC would immediately identify the files as identical and stop trying to impose copy procedures. That is so easy...

      I understand that sync mode is designed as a "one-button action" but adding the option within the right-mouse-click-menu would enrich the possibilities without making it any more sophisticated for those who are not in need of this option.


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        Thanks for the feedback. The intended workflow is, if in a Sync session you find you need to perform manual tweaking, you can quickly launch a new tab from the Session menu -> Compare Base Folders. This would load the current comparison in the Folder Compare session type, offering the full toolset. The dilemma is that for you, you need this one Touch command, but there are many users that each have their 'one command' they need. We've expanded the Folder Sync session a bit to help improve some of these, but can't add every request.

        The other strategy is: what ways could we make the Folder Compare better? While the Sync offers a nice, simple interface, the other workflow is: if a user needs both to Sync and perform occasional complicated actions, they could work from the Folder Compare session (which also has the Sync commands in the Actions menu -> Synchronize submenu). What is causing hesitancy or discomfort using the Folder Compare to fix the timestamps and/or perform the sync?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          OK, I "withdraw" my former request. Thank you for your explanation. I have tried to work with both sync mode and folder compare mode, and actually I find it now quite simple and easy going. There is but one thing I miss: a keyboard shortcut to execute "actions menu => open with => folder sync". Or the possibility to add this command to the toolbar.


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            It is possible to assign Actions > Open With > Folder Sync a keyboard shortcut.

            Open Tools > Options.
            Go to the Toolbars, etc. section.
            Set Select view to Folder Compare.
            Select the Open With Folder Sync View command.
            Click in Shortcut and enter a keyboard shortcut.
            Chris K Scooter Software