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Beyond Compare is The Best Tool I have ever purchased!!

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  • Beyond Compare is The Best Tool I have ever purchased!!

    I have been a very long time BC user! I always try to tell friends what a great product it is, but most of the time is like trying to sell Umbrellas to Ducks! Non Technical savvy people just don't get it!

    Anyway, being technical I'm always summoned by friends and family to fix or migrate to new computers.
    In that past I would often installed BC on their computers while working on them and then uninstall.

    Today here I am working on my brothers Virus Infest Computer which I ending reinstalling from scartch and saw the need to install BC.

    At that point, I thought, it would really be good to be able to run BC from a Pen Drive.

    I came to the site and was planning on requesting that the option be added if it didn't exist, but fortunately it can already be done!

    BC always exceeds my expectations and as I mentioned, I strongly believe that it is absolutely THE BEST money I have ever spent on software!!!

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    Great to hear.

    And yes, you can run the downloaded setup.exe (to install the trial, register full version, or update a current install), and the setup.exe includes an option to Create Portable Install (to your desktop) which you can then move to a usb flash drive to carry an install of BC4 with you.
    Aaron P Scooter Software