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    I've been using BC for years now in a very simplistic way but accomplishing just what I want/need. My most often and basic use is for copying my astrophotography images from the observatory computers to my office computer where I process the images. I do this for my home observatory as well as a remote system in the Sierra Mountains in California. The SRO (CA) system saves the files to it's local HD in the Dropbox folder and they are transferred as they download over the progress of the night. In the morning I turn on the backup drive and transfer them to it. This is the most basic way I use BC and have been trying to figure a way to create desktop shortcuts for each. I have a shortcut which opens BC in the last use but was thinking if I could have one for each it would be convenient. I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age.

    Is this possible?



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    If you copy that shortcut, then edit the copy's command path to add a session name, the shortcut will load the session name. This is added after the BCompare.exe part of the path (with quotes):
    "C:\...\Bcompare.exe" "session name"

    You can also add "workspace name" or a pair of folders to load different types of comparisons. This would load the graphical interface, allowing you to preview the information before clicking to sync. There are also automated solutions to auto-sync, but these would use scripting and would not show a preview before acting.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron,

      I'm just getting around to trying this and it saves time for starting the multiple locations I use. I transfer data from the observatory computer to my processing computer the morning after each night's run which is automated. This actually happens for several observatories in different locations. Having the raw data on two systems works as a simple backup but also allows me to work with a copy of the images. I now have 4 BC shortcuts set for direct opening. It's a simple thing but one less step/thought I need to do each time. I know there are programs that will sync each time an image downloads and I've used them long ago but I prefer to see what is being transferred prior to the operation. You see each night I only have some idea as to what images/series will be taken as it is dependant on the imaging criteria I set for each target/filter being used such as moon phase and so on. This way I have a visual record of the latest that has been done. There are other ways to see this but this is what I'm comfortable with....sort of like an old dog.

      Thanks again for the assist.