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Folder Compare: How to exclude files on one side?

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  • Folder Compare: How to exclude files on one side?

    e.g. Base folders:
    A <--> B

    I want to exclude X if it exists only in A.
    I add the name filter:
    But not working.

    Any help?
    Thank you.

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    If X is aligned to X, we do not have a filter that would hide X only on one side, and only if it is under Base folder A.

    You can use an exclusion filter of -.\X to exclude X at the specific point below a base folder. This would exclude both A\X and B\X. If the base folders are a level higher, then you can add more folder information. For example, C:\Temp\A\X <> D:\Other\B\X, then load:
    C:\Temp <> D:\Other
    with an exclude filter of

    The filter text does not include any of the base folder text. If you have a Base folder of A or B, then A or B is not included in the filter.

    It is possible to configure a filter (date filter, aligned file name with name filter) where only one side is excluded, but BC4 will show both items if one aligned item is visible. The Excluded X\ would be visible in a Teal color if the other side is still visible.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello Aaron,
      Before further discussion, please help me with the forum email notification problem:


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        The situation is like this screenshot:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	BC4_Exclude_on_One_side.png
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ID:	76524

        E:\P\A <> e:\P\B
        Now the base folders are one level higher.
        But I have to see the orphan A and the orphan B.
        And suppose there are many folders and files in P...
        I'll give it up if there's no better way.

        And I think there's a bug:
        Select the aligned A and B (or any sub-item) in such a view.
        I can not use Copy/Move to Side. All these commands are disabled.


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          Editing is disabled if you load the same base folder on both sides. In this example, you could instead load E:\P\A <> E:\P\B as the base folders. There isn't a method to remove A\ from only one side by name after an Alignment Override breaks an equal pairing.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Thank you for all the replies.

            I have another question:
            The screenshot shows my settings:
            Click image for larger version

Name:	BC4_Folder_Handling.png
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            In C:\A <> C:\B, it scans all.
            But in C:\A <> C:\A, it does not scan the folders, unless I expand them.
            How to understand this behavior?


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              Setting the same folder on both sides disables many of the comparison features, since it is an item compared to itself. As an item to itself, everything should be equal, and it isn't an error state, but we also want to draw your eye to it in case you think two different directories are equal because you accidentally loaded the same directory twice.
              Aaron P Scooter Software