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Although the synchronization is finished BC still works?

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    No, enabling the background compare specifically enables this behavior. That's what this setting is for; so everything on screen has been compared as configured. If you want to turn it off, then disable this setting, and use the Compare Contents command instead.

    Yes, after the copy it runs the content scan, if set as a background content criteria. And it depends: if just timestamp/size is a sufficient comparison, then the content scan on only some files adds extra but not necessary information.

    You asked if there was "no way to miss", but given the OS and caching it is not possible to guarantee that level of comparison. For example, when duplicating media (DVDs), if the same serial is used (not recommended but possible to do), then ejecting the disc and inserting a new (but same serial duplicate disc) does not clear Windows caching. This type of case is outside of BC4's control.
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      Alright, thank you very much Aaron!