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ReFS with Integrity Streams Enabled

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  • ReFS with Integrity Streams Enabled

    Windows newest file system, ReFS, has the ability to save CRC values for data in files by enabling Integrity Steams. From what I can tell, Beyond Compare 4 either ignores these values or is unable to detect them. If a data scrubbing process has been run to set and check these values, it is possible for Beyond Compare to just read the CRCs that are already stored with each file rather than calculating CRCs for the file from scratch?

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    No, BC doesn't support that. As far as I can tell, the Windows API does not have for applications to query for the ReFS integrity stream data, and even if it did, the only references I found to its format are as a CRC64 bit value per 64KB block, rather than something over the entire file. If Microsoft exposes the metadata in a way we can use we can consider it, but for now I don't think there's anything we can do.
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      Are there any known issues in BC with folder compare or sync between NTFS and ReFS volumes?


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        We haven't tested Beyond Compare with ReFS. I'm not aware of any customer reported issues with ReFS, but I don't think we've heard from many customers using ReFS.
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