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Problem with BC4 and external conversion

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  • Problem with BC4 and external conversion

    I have a VBScript File (*.vbs) in my Beyond Compare 4 install folder, that is used in for conversion in a self-defined file format.

    The "Conversion" tab for my file format looks as follows:
    - External program (Unicode filenames)
    - Loading: cmd /c DicomDump.vbs %s %t
    - Disable editing

    If I want to use my file format, I get a "Conversion Error".
    The reason is, that BC4 doesn't find my *.vbs file, although it is contained in my Beyond Compare 4 install folder.
    In Beyond Compare 3, exactly the same rule works as expected!!!

    Is there a way to make BC4 automatically find the *.vbs file, without specifying the full path to the script in the file format Dialog?

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    The Helpers\ folder in BC3 was located in the Install directory, but this lead to difficulty installing plug-ins, since that would need Administrator Access for the Program Files default install directory.

    BC4 moved this location to the user's %AppData%\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 4\Helpers\. If you place your file here, it should work with the relative path name Helpers\VBScript.vbs
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, this worked fine...