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  • Multiple source drives

    I've found several threads related to this, but I'm still not clear if it's possible, or if there is a workaround...

    I have 3 internal drives with 12TB of video files (about 11,000 of them). And I have a single external drive with *mostly* the same files. I need to do a compare to see which files are missing on the external drive. The solution would need to allow me to use the 'Ignore Folder Structure' option as these drives do not share a common folder structure. Suggestions on how to achieve this compare would be greatly appreciated.

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    You would have to perform a pair at a time (HDD1 to External, HDD2 to External, etc). BC4 does not support multiple drives on one side, and a single drive on the other. If there were a common top level that could treat the items inside as a subfolders (setting up symbolic links) might work. However, when using Ignore Folder Structure, if there are any repeat file names in any subfolder of a single side (multiple ReadMe.txt in any subfolder) then these will be in a single bucket and might not align to the expected matches on the other side. This is because the alignment is name-based first, and then scanned; so BC4 has to pick the pair to align first and then scan it.
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      Thanks for this. I may explore the symbolic link option, as there should be no duplicate file times. But yes, doing one drive at a time is actually an option given that I am only interested in orphan files on the source side. I hadn't thought of that. Appreciate your help!