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Can Quick Compare ignore unimportant information?

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  • Can Quick Compare ignore unimportant information?

    So far haven't found the answer to this question in the General or Scripting forums.

    The files that are being compared are Excel CSV files and each contain a column of timestamp data that is tagged as unimportant in a saved folder session that is used to perform a full compare later.

    I've been using the quick compare feature from a command line prompt to return an error code that helps other applications know what to do if the quick compare finds a problem. A full compare is eventually still performed and reports are generated but I don't get the same useful indicator returned from running the full compare (as far as I know).

    Is there a scripting way to request a quick compare from the folder compare session I have already saved?



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    Yes, /qc will return "12" = Similar as the error code if the files contain only Unimportant Differences. You can also remove the /qc and launch the graphical interface to note if the files, by default, are only Unimportant differences or if they include any Important differences. This requires setting the global defaults, which is what /qc uses. There isn't a way to configure /qc from the command line to use a specific Folder Compare parent session or Table Compare session settings; it only supports the current default settings.
    Aaron P Scooter Software