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Feature Request - Automatic Mimic of File Types

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  • Feature Request - Automatic Mimic of File Types

    Whenever I change the file format of a comparison tab, check the file format of the other tab. If the other tab is set to "Detected" (i.e., the default), change it to the file format of the other tab (ideally changing it to "Detected(other format)" and generate alignments from scratch.

    Use case: If I intend to perform a comparison of code that I am copy-pasting into BCP, I'll need to set the file format in both tabs. This requires extra clicks.

    For cases where this approach somehow disrupts someones workflow (this strikes me as unlikely), such users could reproduce the existing behavior by manually selecting "Everything Else" in one of the tabs before setting the other tab.

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    If you need to set both panes formats at once, you can use the main toolbar's Format button dropdown arrow (just to the right), which sets both panes simultaneously to the same format. Or you can set individual formats one at a time using the status bar above the text pane to set each pane individually.

    If you are pasting, please note that an Open Clipboard command (Ctrl+Shift+V, or the File menu) will re-load the alignment like loading the clipboard as a file. A regular Paste will insert the first line at the cursor position.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you, Aaron. That helps.