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Moving lines from left to right panes.

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  • Moving lines from left to right panes.

    Good morning, folks. Can you review my screen cap for me? I'll explain what I noticed. On the left is some text which BC4 detected as changed compared to what's on the right. Starting from the top of the file, when I move to the next section it correctly selects the block of code which the yellow arrow highlighted in the left pane. When I click the arrow it moves the block to the right pane. Notice in the left pane the //{ below the selected block isn't automatically included even though it's a blank line in the right pane. To complete the merge from left to right I had to select the //{ line and copy the line over to the right pane. Is that correct?

    The reason I ask is the selected block is replacing lines in the right pane but //{ isn't really replacing anything, in other words, what's on the right pane is a null line. In a sense then, the //{ is a new line of text but being immediately below the selected block I'd have thought it should have been part of the block as it is, be definition, a change?

    Have I misunderstood something basic? The //if went over fine but I can't see why the //{ didn't. I completed the left to right merge successfully but I nearly overlooked moving the //{. In short three lines on the left differ to the three lines on the right. I suspect it's me at fault, not BC4, but I'd appreciate any feedback to help improve my understanding.

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    I think I found the answer. I'd clicked on the ribbon's Minor button. Unclicking it seems to be okay now.


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      Thanks, and yes, you've got it. The Minor button (Ignore Unimportant Differences) toggle will optionally ignore unimportant/blue differences as black and treat them as equal. Comments are Unimportant by default, so if the Minor button is enabled, it would be "equal" text and not part of a difference section. If disabled, Important and Unimportant Differences are both Differences (and part of a section if next to each other).
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