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Text Compare multiple files with different file names

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  • Text Compare multiple files with different file names

    I have 2 folders each with 70 pdf files, but different file names. I suspect that the content of the PDF is the same. For example in Folder A there is a file names 0013 Receipt and in Folder B 0013 Import. I figured out how to text compare one-to-one and they are the same for the first few files I reviewed one-to-one.

    Is there a way to simultaneously select all 70 files in each folder for text compare?

    Please keep in mind I have little to no experience in BC and no scripting knowledge.


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    Yes, if the files are aligned and have equal names, but No if the file names are all different and marked as orphans (unaligned). How did you perform the Text Compare on the "first few files"? Manually selected two orphan files with different names, right clicked, and Quick Compare?

    We do have an Align With command which can align files of different names manually. We also have a Pro feature called Alignment Overrides that can create a rule to align different names that match the rule. For example, if all of your files are Number Receipt and Number Import, we could define something similar to * Receipt = * Import to align them. If the names vary greatly or randomly, this might not work.

    If you could post or email us a full screen screenshot of your current Folder Compare showing several of the files you want to align, I can help provide more specific information. If you email us privately at, please also include a link back to this forum thread in the email, for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the quick response and the info. I will play with "Align With." I selected Text Compare from the dashboard and manually selected each file. Unfortunately, I'm unable to share my screenshot unless I change the file names. There is more variety in the files name, I generalized the file names for the example I used.

      Again, thanks. BTW I've only had BC for a few weeks and have found it useful and easy to use from the start. I have a desktop label maker that is more complicated.


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        In case you wanted to try the Folder Compare's Session Settings, Misc tab: new Alignment Override, you can use this KB article to trial Pro mode for free:
        Aaron P Scooter Software