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Is B.C. safe from malware in .pdf files?

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  • Is B.C. safe from malware in .pdf files?

    If I get a .pdf file and I compare it with another one, or if I simply open it, if the file is malware do I get infected or the text extraction is safe?

    Thank You and regards

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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    BC4 uses a pdf2text.exe conversion, so it would depend on if the malware in your pdf file was aware of this process or could execute outside of Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Perhaps, similar to if the malware could execute if it was opened in alternate PDF reader software, too. It's hard to say since "malware" if a very general term for an exploit that can do a wide range of things. BC4 does not contain a virus scanner or malware detection, so you would want to audit your files with security software if this is a concern.
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