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Folder Compare Not Copying Files from obj/Debug/TempPE folders properly

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  • Folder Compare Not Copying Files from obj/Debug/TempPE folders properly

    I have a directory holds a lot of various project source code and wish to maintain a copy on an external drive but I noticed that many of the files within the obj/Debug/TempPE folders are not being copied over automatically.

    Most are 0KB files with names like:


    Sometimes, but not always, the txt file gets copied over which isn't a OKB file. Those are a single file in each obj/Debug/TempPE folder with names like:

    CarRental.Client.Bootstrapper.csproj.FileListAbsol ute.tx

    I'm seeing this in almost all my Microsoft Visual Studio projects that I copy over. I can select the individual files and copy them over, but they don't copy over in mass with the rest of the project files. I've checked the file attributes and none are hidden, system, or readonly.

    Is BC4 making a decision that I don't need these generated files and not moving them over to save time and file space? I couldn't search for TemporaryGeneratedFile because your forum said the name was to long, but I did a search for "Generated" and couldn't find an answer in anything that I read.

    Thank you,


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    The files might be hidden by a Beyond Compare filter, such as a name filter or date filter. Turn on View > Suppress Filters to show filtered items. Filtered items are colored pale green.
    Chris K Scooter Software