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Beyond Compare 4 and Ftp Initial remote folder

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  • Beyond Compare 4 and Ftp Initial remote folder

    I have used Beyond Compare 3 to compare and edit files on a Vax/VMS system for many years. After upgrading to version 4, I noticed the Initial remote folder feature/blank of the ftp browse window was gone.

    In the session window I have tried to paste the remote folder path into the after opening a saved profile but I get folder not available. This would work in Beyond Compare 3! If I try using the Browse Using Profile graphical browse feature, I cannot get past my login directory.

    The sessions that I imported from Beyond Compare 3 still work well. I can also alter the folder path of imported sessions in the session window. However, I cannot create useful new vax ftp sessions in Beyond Compare 4 at all. Is there something I can do?


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    The Profile contains the connection information, but the Session supports defining a directory structure. This can be done in two ways with a typed path:

    profile:name of profile?folder/

    Do either of these syntax methods allow connection and navigation to the initial folder for your ftp server?

    It's also on our wishlist to add back the initial folder setting, to help make this an easier configuration.
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      Yes. This helped a lot. I was thrown off by the "?" as the path separator when using a saved profile.
      I still hope you add back the initial folder setting, though. It will help new users and I do recommend Beyond Compare to many people in my company.