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Text Compare: Encoding Issues + Request

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  • Text Compare: Encoding Issues + Request

    Issue 1:
    Some ANSI files are mistaken as "Western European (Windows)". While others (same ANSI) are decoded correctly.
    I think it's necessary to add a setting: Default Encoding.

    Issue 2:
    Open a child session from the parent,
    Open its Session Settings,
    Change "Encoding Overrides" for both sides,
    Choose [Use for all files within parent session],
    Go back to the parent session,
    Open the child session again, or open another child session,
    "Encoding Overrides" seems no effect. It seems the change of this setting can not be remembered when you choose [Use for all ...].

    Hope there will be a way to select same encodings for both sides at one time.

    Version 4.1.9 (build 21719).

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    Issue 1:
    BC4 uses similar detection methods as other default Windows applications. If you can email us specific sample files, we can investigate why the detection is failing. The default method is to Detect, which can be overridden if you know which encoding the file should be.

    Issue 2:
    Due to how session settings are stored, some session settings to not persist up to the parent session or can be configured as a global default. If you need to override the encoding, please define or edit a File Format, and configure the default encoding for this specific file type.
    Aaron P Scooter Software