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Feature request: Diff commenting integration with web providers

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  • Feature request: Diff commenting integration with web providers

    I love using Beyond Compare to do code review, however, web interfaces like those on GitLab/GitHub while inferior to Beyond Compare allow entering line level comments against code changes. This means that if I use Beyond Compare to review code changes and I need to add a comment, I then need to search the web interface for the file and line location to add my comment.

    It would be great (although I realise this is a big ask) if Beyond Compare could offer a feature to record line level comments for upload and (if possible, and I realise an even bigger ask) have the ability to use GitLab/GitHub apis to push this data (if such apis exist).

    Also interested in any other workarounds that other users may have to efficiently use BC while adding comments to web interfaces.

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    Thanks for the feedback. BC4 does not have this style of in-line commenting or submission, as you've found. This would certainly be a large project and not one we could tackle anytime soon. However, they're solid ideas and I'll add them to our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software