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Running BC4 from a USB memery stick

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  • Running BC4 from a USB memery stick

    My boss will not let me install any "third party software" on my PC. As a user of BC for many years, I find it very difficult to survive without it. Is it possible to run BC4 from a memory stick, i.e. without installing any files or changing the registry on the PC itself? I realise that I probably won't get all the features (e.g. context menus) but if I could get the basic functionality to compare files and directories and to copy from one to the other, that would be wonderful. I have no idea whether the boss would see this as acceptable, but I figure it should be (I would not have "installed any third party software" on the laptop), and in any case, how would he ever know?

    Thanks - Rowan

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    Yes, BC4 can run this way. You can create the install using our setup.exe, and during the install wizard pick to Create Portable Install instead of Install or Update. This creates a folder on your Desktop\ by default, which you can copy to a usb stick. This is a single directory install that keeps its settings like BCState.xml, BCSessions.xml, etc within the same folder. You do lose the context menu, as this requires edits to the Windows Registry, which a Portable Install can't do.

    You may want to check with your boss if this style of install is ok. It could be run from the usb stick or from a folder on your computer (not a protected folder like Program Files\, but something like C:\Tools\Beyond Compare 4\).
    Aaron P Scooter Software