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Feature Request - Folder Diff - "Size difference" column

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  • Feature Request - Folder Diff - "Size difference" column

    I think a handy column in the Folder Diff screen would be a column that shows the size difference between left and right.


    Left File Size Size Diff Right File Size Size Diff
    File 1.txt 100 bytes 0 bytes --> File 1.txt 100 bytes 0 bytes
    File 2.txt 140 bytes +45 bytes --> File 2.txt 95 bytes -45 bytes
    File 3.txt 10 bytes -105 bytes --> File 3.txt 115 bytes +105 bytes
    File 4.txt 100 bytes +100 bytes --> File 4.txt 0 bytes -100 bytes
    File 5.txt 1000 bytes +1 bytes --> File 5.txt 999 bytes -1 bytes
    This would allow the user to sort to find all the smaller variations of a file from a folder and reconcile (in my case, I transcoded some videos to save space and want to always keep the smaller file). A size diff of 0 would often indicate the files are the same.

    If I could get this data into Excel, I would be able to do it manually but unfortunately a simple copy/paste doesn't seem to work and my Beyond Compare taxes my CPU and never finishes when I try to export to a Report (left it for about an hour - only about 70 rows its exporting). Tried with latest Beta and same issue - but I'm digressing - separate post for that.

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    Thanks for the column idea, I'll make a note of it.

    As for the report generation, it shouldn't take that long for only 70 entries. Are you including File Links, CRC codes or have a content scan enabled? This would require scanning/opening the files, which would take much longer for large video files. What exactly are you selecting, and which command are you executing to generate the report? A Folder Compare's Session menu -> Folder Compare Report, Layout: Side-by-side?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello, thank you for your reply.

      I believe all the report settings are the default. If I click View in Browser it spins forever with the message "Sending report to browser". If I click Save As, the Report dialog closes and then the same spinning dialog comes up with a message saying "Saving" (or something).

      Here is a screenshot attached. I'm currently using the beta, but I tried with the latest stable and I had the same issues.

      Right side has 90 files, left side 83. I have a rule that aligns left:

      ([0-9]+)\ ([0-9]+)\-([0-9]{1,2})\.m4v



      But I'm quite certain I had this problem before.
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        Ah, that is a Hex Compare Report, which I can see in the screenshot's titlebar of the report dialog. Generating a Folder Report (from the Session menu -> Folder Compare Report dialog and includes file names and metadata) would be quick, but generating a file level report that shows all file content would be significantly larger. This works on the current selection, which is obscured in your screenshot, but appears to be roughly two 100 meg files. This would result in an html file that contains all of that data from both files, resulting in a very large, 200 meg file. BC4 will generate this report if given enough time, but your browser may not be able to parse and open it.

        When generating a file level report from the folder compare, the common workflow is to generate a report of only differences of several files. This allows a quick review of any differences within the folders, while not needing the entire folder data. If you generate a report of the entire file of each selected side, then you are essentially transmitting the entire folder of information into a single file.
        Aaron P Scooter Software