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too_many_write_operations during write to DropBox

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  • too_many_write_operations during write to DropBox

    I'm currently using BC 4.2 beta on Windows and Linux. I am recently experiencing multiple too_many_write_operations errors when writing (both, creating and overwriting) files from local to my DropBox. Some files cannot be (over)written, some succeed after a few retries.

    Is this a known error? Would you need more info/data to investigate.

    I'm using DropBox and BC (since v2) to selectively keep data in sync over several machines and it worked like a charm (until this accursed error appeared).

    Thansk for the support!


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    Hi Udo,

    It's an error Dropbox documents as the user being throttled for making too many requests in too short of a time. I wasn't able to trigger it with internal testing, so I didn't add explicit retry logic in for it.

    Are specific files always failing? Does it start failing after many uploads or right away? Are you using a personal account or a Dropbox for business sub account?Do you see similar behavior under 4.1.9?
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