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Why not support Ctrl C & Ctrl V ?

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  • Why not support Ctrl C & Ctrl V ?

    I used it as total commander.

    When multiple syncronizations:
    (1)Pls give me tips which dir every thread is working on(not only current files)
    (2)Let me set multiple syncronizations work as a queue.(es. when working on USB-disk)
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Adding additional Explorer like functionality for copy/paste is something on our wishlist, but isn't currently scheduled development. In the meantime, you can Copy to Other Side, or Copy to Folder to select an arbitrary target. You can also right click -> Explorer -> Copy/Paste to access the explorer commands under a submenu.

    Additional thread information and queuing operations is something we've considered, and I'll add your notes to our entries on the subject.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Request seconded. (Combine with a request I've seen elsewhere: some provision for optionally performing drag and drop)

      I use BC heavily over the course of the workday, nearly always having at least 3 or 4 sessions open. A common task is synchronizing/organizing shared project folders and processing "incoming" files to the appropriate destinations.

      Easily 30% of my mouse clicks are "Right Click->Explorer->Copy" followed by "Right Click->Explorer->Paste". Doesn't sound so bad, but navigating through cascaded menus over and over gets tedious.

      It has it's place, but "Copy to Folder" feels unnecessarily heavy when I can see the target folder elsewhere on the folder compare screen.

      But just for perspective - I love BC. In many cases, I use it more than Explorer. And given all the requests the community makes, you guys have managed to not let BC become bloated and heavy like many other products do as they age.

      - Greg


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        Thanks, Greg. We haven't been able to tackle this request yet, but I'll add your feedback to our notes on the subject.
        Aaron P Scooter Software