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    We recently migrated ~2TB from a NAS device to another storage solution. We have gotten complaints about some files being corrupted when trying to open from the new storage solution. We still have access to the old files and copying/replacing them fixes the issue.

    The dates filesizes all match but doing a MD5 checksum shows that is different.

    Trying to figure out what may have caused it; we used Robocopy to copy all the files but unfortunately it has no switch to check things like the MD5 hash; the /IT (include tweaked) switch didn't work reliably either. No errors to speak of during the initial Robocopy process either.

    Oddly the files being reported are Excel but they are the most used so could just be coincidence; my concern is trying to find a way to tell how broad the problem is.

    I was trying to configure BC4 to only report exceptions where the dates/sizes match but the CRC check shows a difference or to completely ignore files that are newer than 41 days (that is when we cut over so users would have started modifying files that would show as a legitimate difference) but can't seem to get that particular filter working as it still reports differences because a file is newer than 41 days on the new storage solution.

    I have the new storage solution on the left pane in BC and the old one on the right and have tried the reverse.

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    Date filters only filter files out of the display if both sides match the filter.

    As an example, consider a filter that excludes files with modified dates newer than 41 days. If foo.txt on the left is 60 days old and foo.txt on the right is 12 days old, both files will be visible because one file of the pair isn't filtered.
    Chris K Scooter Software