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  • External Formats not available in format list

    I have a couple of External Formats I use for csv files which take precendence over the built in csv format. I have just noticed that when I compare 2 csv files, the built in format is used instead of mine, and mine is no longer in the drop down list within the compare, even though it is in the File Formats list.

    Is this a know issue, or a change of functionality? I was using the latest version and switched to the beta with no difference.

    Thank, Steve

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    The main Tools menu -> File Formats dialog has a list of every format for every session type (represented by their varying icons).

    Once in a specific session, the session's File Format dropdown will only list the formats for that specific session type.

    When opening a file from the main Home screen (drag/drop), Explorer context menu, or Folder Compare, BC4 will use the topmost File Format in the File Format dialog to determine which session type to open. However, if a specific session is already open, then it will use the topmost file format for that specific session type.

    To hop to a different session type (and get a different format) after already in another session, you can use the Session menu -> Compare Files Using -> select session type.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Okay, that makes sense when you think it through. It is actually doing what it is supposed to in the background, so when I was trying to add an enhancement to my external tool, I could not work out how/if it was working.

      Thanks, Steve