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  • Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive

    Are there any plans to add Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive (not S3) profiles? These are two that I use the most.

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    Adding additional profiles is something on our wishlist, but aren't small projects and aren't something we'll likely be able to tackle soon.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Registering preference for Amazon Cloud Drive over Google Drive, please consider providing Amazon Cloud Drive support as it has become a backup service for us


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        Each profile type is a separate project. I've noted your Amazon Cloud request from this and your other post in our Customer Wishlist.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Google Drive Support, Please


          Here, we only use the Google Drive for backup. We do not use any Amazon web services (although we order quite a bit through them). So of course, we would prefer you focus your attention on adding the Google Drive and Team Drive as a priority.

          I made sure I mentioned this years ago on these Forums when it became important for us.

          Each .gsheet, .gdoc , etc., is in fact just a handle with several components to it you can parse. You need credentials to access the contents of the files. You need to have the user log in using proper credentials, and you need to maintain the credentials and authenticate. But once you have proper access, you can read/write, etc...

          I think you will need a decent knowledgeable coder and a few months to do this.

          Although I'm not the guy to do this, its not rocket science. I was a software engineer for decades and know enough about this to know approx what it should take.

          I am amazed Scooter keeps coming out with new versions but haven't risen to today's standards, like Google and Amazon.

          When I watch a new release of Android OS come out, I see the published API's, testing capability, and as soon as the new version of the OS goes live, thousands of updated apps that are already tested to work, are released.

          So, can you guys catch up, please. You are several years behind. A little too far, and guys like me start looking for other solutions because you are just not solving our problems.

          I need to be able to backup the contents of the Google files offline, not the handles. I need to be able to compare the local contents with the with the cloud's contents.

          Thanks for hearing me out.


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            Thank you for your comments; I've added them to the tracker entry for this issue.

            We have looked into adding Google Drive support, but for various reasons had to move it to lower priority. We have had quite a few requests for it, so it's definitely on our radar. Google's special handling of Google Doc/Sheets files does make things much more complicated than Amazon S3 or Dropbox though, since they require downloading as Word/Excel files rather than presenting us with data as-is.

            In any case, we are a very small company (9 people total, including support, sales, and management), supporting 3 different OSes and comparing many different file types and services. Yes, it might only take a few months to add Google Drive specifically, but it is also competing with all of the other requirements we have.
            ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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              And a fantastic job you do! Keep up the good work. Beyond Compare is probably my most valued application. Well, after, I don't know, a text editor or something!

              One more vote for Google Drive support in some form. Thanks!


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                I need to a google drive connection (public and private)

                I think that actually it must be a prior task

                I use BY since over perhaps 10 years


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                  Is it done? I need to add Google Drive with Amazon Cloud Drive.


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                    Sorry, Beyond Compare 4.2.9 (current version) doesn't support Google Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive. Both types of cloud storage are on the feature request list for a future version of BC.
                    Chris K Scooter Software