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Folder Merge Parameters and Conflicts?

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  • Folder Merge Parameters and Conflicts?


    I'm on the trial trying to figure out what's going on with some code I inherited. It's the open source vTiger CRM package and it runs on version 6.2 which was customized by hacking core files, creating a custom fork. Now I've inherited it and need to upgrade it to 6.5 but keep these customizations.

    So I've got 3 folders and am setting them up as:

    Left: vtigercrm65 (upgrade from 62)
    Center (Ancestor): vtigercrm62 (base code for both left and right)
    Right: vtigercrmClient (based on 62)

    I had thought this would merge the files and give me conflicts of files that both the Client fork and the 65 upgrade edited so I could take a look manually and fix them. It seems to do this but some of the conflicts are confusing.

    My main concern is I'm not using it right as 13 conflicts are in a folder that was deleted in the Client fork. The folder (PBXManager) exists in the Center/Ancestor and the Left but does not exist in the Right. I would assume since the Center/Ancestor is the Ancestor it would just take the Left and go on, but instead it generates a conflict error. I used WinMerge (with which I'm more familiar but am trying to learn BC!) and those are the 13 files that are different.

    I assume the conflict is that it doesn't know if it should be deleted (like the Client fork) or kept (Left/65 upgrade fork) but I can't figure out a way to either tell it to keep these, or process the so-called conflicts after the fact?

    Would I be better off merging to left to keep these files, or am I just doing something wrong in trying to merge these forks?


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    If the center differs from both the left and the right, then our Merge will mark this as a conflict. In this case, a file changed on the left vs. deleting on the right is not automatic, since the assumption is it was deleted (or possibly renamed) on the right side for a purpose by another user. This is something that should be manually reviewed by the current merge user, so we mark it as a conflict to be resolved.

    You can right click the Left file if you just want to take yours without review and Copy (File) To Output.

    If you need to review the text inside, you can set the Display Filters to only Show Conflicts (instead of all changes) to help review cases like this, double click to view the Text Merge, and in the Search menu bar we have Take Left File and Open Next Difference file (or use the hotkey), which can help quickly take and generate the Output as only the Left file.
    Aaron P Scooter Software