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Image compare - Improve background repaint

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  • Image compare - Improve background repaint

    I have to compare a jpeg sequence (frames from a movie) and when I move from one frame to the next, I use the shortcut Ctrl+M.

    The problem is that the entire window is repainted when switching to the new image, and the images flicker a lot (or are not visible at all) when I keep pressed Ctrl+M. This is not helping me to easily compare image sequences...

    Ideally, when moving from one image to another, the images should not flicker (see for example IrfanView, when pressing left/right arrows to move from one image to another).

    Also for image sequence compare, it would be helpful:
    1. Change to the next image at a fixed frame rate (maybe configurable). So when I keep pressed Cltr+M, the images will change at a rate of 30FPS, for example.
    2. Have more intuitive shortcuts for next/previous image (like left/right arrow or page up/down).
    3. Keep the same scroll bar position from one image to the next (I see that the image scale is kept, which is good).

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll add them to our Customer Wishlist for our Picture Compare. When navigating to Next Different Files, this reloads the comparison, hence the scroll bar and flicker, but it's something we can look into to help with this use case.
    Aaron P Scooter Software