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V4.2 Beta - Table Compare •Added "Alignment" session settings.

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  • V4.2 Beta - Table Compare •Added "Alignment" session settings.


    The Ver 4.0 had a Checkbox "Unsorted Alignment"
    Ver 4.2 seems to have RadioButtons for the similar functionality.

    However, none of the options in the new version has caption of "Unsorted Alignment".
    Is "Unaligned" same as "Unsorted Alignment"?
    If yes, then it might help if the caption is kept as "Unsorted Alignment"

    Or it will help, if you please guide difference between the New "Unaligned" and old "Unsorted Alignment".

    That will help in migration/Upgrade.


    Sanjiv Bansal

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    Hello BC3 and BC4 have had the radial selection for some time for the Text Compare session. The Text Compare's Session Settings, Alignment tab, Unaligned option is for Unaligned alignment (line by line).

    Update: I misread the session type you were using. Yes, the Table Compare's new Alignment tab offers additional alignment options. Sorted is the previous default behavior, and Unaligned matches the Unaligned (not sorting by Key) from before.
    Last edited by Aaron; 09-Mar-2017, 11:06 AM. Reason: Update: Misread Table as Text.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I spoke with our developer and actually you are looking for "Standard" alignment to match BC 4.1.9. "Unaligned" is a line by line comparison, while Standard will still try to find a match on the Key or whole line if there is no key.
      Aaron P Scooter Software