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Feature request - Dark theme similair to the dark theme in VS2015

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  • Feature request - Dark theme similair to the dark theme in VS2015

    Feature request :
    Support for themes, matching dark and blue theme in Visual Studio 2015, or just similar to the Windows 10 dark theme.

    I know it is possible to change some colors in BC4, but I would like a complete theme for Windows borders, scrollbars and so on as well.

    Best Regards,

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    Thanks for the feedback. The closest we get are our dark themes here:

    Expanding on our dark theme behavior is something on our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I would vote for the ability to have dark window elements too. Thanks for such a great product!

      BCSi, Inc.


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        +1. Beyond Compare an amazing compare tool, better dark theme support would make it perfect.


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          Thanks. We don't have any new news, but this is still something on our radar.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            +1, I'd also love a dark theme


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              +1 for Dark Themes.
              I love beyond compare, and would be awesome if it could match Windows 10 Dark Theme support


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                It looks like the dark themes don't affect the chrome of the window.

                Ideally, Beyond Compare would auto-detect the OS setting and use a dark chrome and dark theme if the OS has dark mode enabled.

                Here's an example:

                Example Dark Mode


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                  I would like this feature as well. Please bump it up in priority. Thank you!


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                    Thanks for the feedback. Improving our Dark Theme support is something on our radar that we'd like to tackle in a future version of Beyond Compare.
                    Aaron P Scooter Software


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                      It's been over 3 years now... what is the status of this task? Just changing the colour settings doesn't change the status bars and many other areas of the windows. Thanks!


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                        Thanks. We've tackled quite a few projects over the 3 years, but haven't been able to implement the changes needed to implement full dark theme support for some of the controls, yet. It's something still on our radar.
                        Aaron P Scooter Software


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                          Hi Aaron,

                          Thanks for the quick response.

                          I would imagine that the problem could be with third party components. It could be any open source or proprietary components, including core libraries like VCL / LCL. It is outside of scooter control, so they just waiting for them to be updated by "upstream".

                          Aaron For some reason I thought that you guys using Delphi for Windows build and Lazarus for Linux and macOS. Is it true? Just curious, that's all.



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                            Our policy is to not discuss release schedules or which specific features are under development until they’re ready. I wish we could be more open, but it’s bitten us in the past when a schedule has slipped or a feature didn’t come together and had to be dropped. We do value every request we get though, so please don’t take the silence as us ignoring them.

                            Alex Vasiliev

                            ​​​​You’re largely correct. I’ve talked about the development environment several times. The most recent post was

                            There have been a lot of things vying for our time, including features we haven’t released yet, so I wouldn’t say it’s any third party’s fault that we haven’t added a dark theme. It is true that one blocker has been Delphi though. It has styling support, but there are incompatibilities between that and high DPI monitors, which were already support, so we need that to shake out first. We’ll also need to swap out some third party components that have been stable but aren’t maintained anymore.
                            ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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                              Any news on this other than "it's on our radar"?
                              BC is by now about the only dev tool that still doesn't have dark theme support.