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Comparing folders between PCs over a network?

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  • Comparing folders between PCs over a network?

    Note to Mods: Sorry, I just accidentally posted this in the BC 3 forum. Meant to post it here. You can delete my previous post.

    I'll just explain what I'm trying to do and hopefully someone can tell me if it's possible. I have three different computers with music on them and I want to see which albums are duplicates. Is it possible to compare music folders over a homegroup network connection between the computers? If so, how?

    Also, I have the music in multiple folders on each computer. For example, on one computer, I have a folder called "Old Music" and another called "New Music". What I'd like to do is have BC combine the contents of both folders as if they were in one big folder without actually merging the files. I then want to compare the contents of that one big combined folder with a similarly created combined folder on another computer over the network.

    My goal is to find all the duplicate albums over all three computers and delete them so I have only one copy of each album that I can then back up to a single external hard drive from each computer. Is something like this possible? Any good strategies for doing this?

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    We haven't tested Beyond Compare with homegroups, but I expect it to work if you can also access the homegroup network folders using Windows Explorer.

    If the folder structures are different between the three computers, turn on View | Ignore Folder Structure in the Folder Compare to align files based only on name and not on folder path.

    If you don't already have Beyond Compare installed, it runs as a fully functional trial for 30 days so you can evaluate it with your files and folders before purchasing a license.
    Chris K Scooter Software