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    I work for a software company based out of San Diego.
    We use BC4 during our code review sessions to review teams code.
    We use Visual Studio 15 and TFS
    We wanted to have a feature where we can add comments on the files and be able to compose an email of those comments with file names and chekin details picked from TFS.
    Can we develop a plugin for BC4 which will allow us to do that?
    If so how can we go about it?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Beyond Compare doesn't support the type of plug-in you describe.

    There are two ways to extend Beyond Compare:

    1. A conversion file format.

    A conversion file format runs a file through a command line tool to preprocess a file before it is compared. An example of this is the PDF file format, it uses a command line tool to convert PDF files to temporary .txt files, then opens the .txt files in Beyond Compare's Text Compare.

    To define a conversion file format, open "Tools > File Formats". Select Text Format as the type if the output of the preprocessor is text. In the Conversion tab of the file format, specify the path to the preprocessor and command line arguments.

    2. An external file format.

    An external file format launches an external program to run a comparison instead of the Text Compare. It expects the external application to return comparison results as an exit code.

    To define an external format, open "Tools > File Formats". Click + to add a new format. Select "External Format" as the type. Enter the path to the external comparison tool and command line arguments.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Can we create the plugin we need ourselves?


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        It might work to use Beyond Compare's Open With command.

        Open With allows you to open the current file or folder in an external application. To define a command, open Tools | Options. Go to the Open With section. Click + to add a new command. Define the path to an external program, then follow it with %f to pass the name of the current file.

        After you've defined an Open With command, you can right click in the left or right pane to pass the current file to the external program.

        See also the Open With topic in Beyond Compare's help file.
        Chris K Scooter Software