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Mark a final period as uninportant while text-comparing.

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  • Mark a final period as uninportant while text-comparing.

    I'm Text-comparing and I would consider as an unimportant difference a final period added in the right pane file.
    I tried using the Replacement setting with regular expression, using "$" (endofline) on the older version side (left) and "." (period) on the newer version side (right), but it does not work: the difference is still marked as important. I also tried using "\.", guessing that the "." on the right-side were (mis)interpreted as "any character" (which should work as well, though) , but without success.

    Is there a way to do that ?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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    The Text Replacement cannot match a character to just $. The $ RegEx is meant to help define a larger concept, such as "only a period at the end of the line" = \.$

    Which, we can use as a general Unimportance, or a grammar element which can be marked as Unimportant. We have a guide for defining Unimportance here:

    Please note that this would make all trailing "." unimportant, even if they align to something else like a "!" or "x". However, the "!" or "x" itself would still be an Important difference (unless they too had another element or definition making them unimportant).
    Aaron P Scooter Software