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How compare PDF pages selectively

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  • How compare PDF pages selectively

    I was requested to compare two PDF file.
    These PDF file got hundreds of page, but the pages we concerned are only few of them.

    I used PDF cutter before, but when I put the cut pages into program,
    It displayed meaningless Unicode.

    Is there any function of Beyond Compare 4, that can allow me to compare pages selectively?

    Thank you

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    Is it meaningless unicode or binary gibberish? BC4 supports showing unicode as displayable text, but it may be binary gibberish if we aren't using the right file format to perform the conversion.

    After cutting, what file extension is the cut file? Still .pdf? If you open that file in Adobe does it display like a normal PDF? When you open in BC4 are we using the "PDF format" (displayed in the top status bar) of the Text Compare? I'd expect we can troubleshoot and get your edited version opening and comparing correctly. Another strategy might be to Print to PDF of a specific page range, if this also generates the PDF subset you need to compare.

    BC4's Text Compare is always the full file. You can jump to a specific line number or Find specific text to being searching for differences in a certain area, but we do not store the concept of Pages with a PDF. We're actually opening a temporary .txt version of the PDF file, and not the original PDF, for the comparison.
    Aaron P Scooter Software