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  • Idea? Add tasks to queue...

    Up front, I use Beyond Compare fairly basic and likely using only a fraction of its features. I am not interested in scripting matters as it will take me much more time than I might possibly save.

    That said, there is one thing I really miss in Beyond Compare. Maybe it is possible, thru some advanced feature, I don't know.

    Right I start each task one by one
    wait until the comparision has finished (that may often take some time, e.g. when comparing large folders HDD->USB External drive)
    then I click on Mirror
    click on overwrite in case same files are available
    wait until finished/do something else

    next task ..
    next task ..

    Now, what I would like is that the tasks (incl actions, such as overwrites) could be stored in a kind of 'queue'.
    One should be able to edit the queue (or create different ons)
    Edit -> delete/add a task from the queue.

    So, in the end there is queue containing different tasks.

    Then execute the queue, no questions asked, i.e. no prompts.
    So one can go on and do something else.

    Maybe all this could be done thru scripting but I am not really interested in learning how scripting will work: I won't be using it.
    I feel it should be possible to have something like an 'Add to queue' button somewhere.

    I believe this may already be on the wishlist?
    A Google search : beyond compare add to queue
    reveals that it was asked for and added to the wishlist a few times.

    Anyway, this is to 'revive' the idea then.

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    You've pretty much got a firm grip on our capabilities and workaround: it is something still on our wishlist and scripting is the workaround for serial operations. We've recently added Pause/Resume, which is a related project, and it is something we'd like to tackle. Scripting is not too complex (I think you could handle it fine ) but it does require that you know what all the operations and targets are ahead of time; the suggestion does not mean we believe it is a full replacement for a graphical queue of operations.
    Aaron P Scooter Software