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Largest file size supported by binary comparison

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    If you have two zip files, each with a 30gb file, then extracting both to run the binary scan would run out of space. We do need to extract the archive to interact with the contents; the issue is that our error message is not helpful (generated from the archive library we use).
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      This whole business where BC treats ZIP files as folders, and has to actually extract the contents, is so strange and unnecessary. You know what was a much simpler and more effective solution than using Beyond Compare for comparing these files? Dragging both files into a program called VisualHash. It performed it own hash calculations on both files, and then showed me that both files match. Simple.

      Basically, Beyond Compare was not fit for this job. Image if the files were even bigger, say 100GB each. Using Beyond Compare I'd have to have at least 200GB of free disk space on my operating system drive. Totally unreasonable. So for doing a reliable comparison (where content is actually fully read and compared by the comparison tool), the only solution is to use another tool. A tool that compares files in-situ, without using any extra disk space.
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