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  • Mirror left/right of folders

    Right now in Folder Compare, Beyond Compare will highlight / mark the first line of both folders (left and right)
    When I wish to copy/mirror from left to right, I need to:
    select first line in the left folder
    scroll down to the last line in left folder
    and shift select the column
    and tap the mirror button

    this is no problem for just a few times, but if this action is done constantly
    (e.g. each time when something changes in a temp source folder to various (backup) destinations)
    then you wish there was a button that automatically mirrors the entire folder, no questions asked.

    A kind of mirror folder silently, or something like that.

    The above is the way I do it, don't know of any better way.

    (p.s. I think it has been asked before, copy/mirror from 1 source to multiple destinations)

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    There are a couple of strategies here. Do you always want to mirror everything? If so, the Sync Mirror command can run on either a selection or the entire window, via a toggle option in the Mirror preview dialog that appears after you click to mirror. Disable "Just Selection" in the mirror dialog and you do not need to perform a selection. Clicking Mirror with Just Selection Disabled will mirror all items in the current window.

    **This will delete any Orphans on the destination side, so please test with test data first while learning how the sync logic works.**

    For the Copy command, you can also use Ctrl+A to Select All, then Copy and select which side to copy. Or Ctrl+A to select all, and Shift+Left Arrow to slide the selection to only one side, then Copy to copy only all the folders on that side.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Ah, right! Didn't think of that option - well, it is there, I see it all the time, but just didn't think of it.
      .. ahum...
      Guess it is because it comes up as a 2nd step, i.e. one has to start the Mirror process first and I was
      more or less seeking to set it as 1st step so to say.

      Anyway, forget it...

      Many thanks !


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        A couple small tips: the Mirror "Just Selection" option is also sticky, so it will remember the last state it was used. It also serves as a Preview pane to show how the sync job will act on which items.
        Aaron P Scooter Software