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Select Left File For Compare not responding

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  • Select Left File For Compare not responding

    Explorer context menu appears to be there intact, but it's not responding. I can drag and drop files into BC4, and it works just fine.

    I'm on Win7 64 bit, and I think this only stopped working with the latest upgrade to version 4.1.9

    Trying uninstall then portable install.

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    The Portable wouldn't include the context menu. Have you rebooted since installing 4.1.9 or reinstalling 4.1.9? Any context menu changes can only be applied after a restart, while while the rest of the program is updated the context menu is only updated between reboots.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I've rebooted. Just now tried reinstalling, and I'll do a reboot as well.

      Thinking there's a program interfering because the context commands work fine with some some file extensions, but not with others.

      I know there are threads and advice on that subject scattered around here. Can you point me to whatever is the latest, best, or most complete?


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        You can use the program ShellExView to disable shell extensions one a time to see if one of them is conflicting with Beyond Compare's shell extension. When disabling shell extensions, don't disable shell extensions published by Microsoft, as they usually aren't problematic and some of them might be part of Windows.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Is the offending extension likely to be a specific type (e.g. Context Menu, Preview Handler)?


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            It's very difficult to say. It's best to disable everything but Microsoft's and BC4's, then restarting and seeing if ours then works. That, at least, confirms the theory that one of them is the issue.

            If that doesn't work, we have a .reg patch that can manually re-add the necessary registry information, if that was somehow not added properly during the install. If it doesn't appear to be a conflict with the shellexview test, email us at with:
            1) A link to this thread
            2) BC version number and 32bit or 64bit install (Help menu -> About), and the install directory location of bcompare.exe
            3) Windows version and 32bit or 64bit install (Win7 64bit)
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              I found the offender.


              I'm going to go through and see if it's one particular extension, and pass it along to them. I'm also going to Email for the .reg entries.

              Much appreciated.