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Filter older / newer than: why are the files shown?

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  • Filter older / newer than: why are the files shown?

    Sorry, I am missing anything (I cannot find how to show the creation date of the files, I guess, that's the point), why are those files shown, I want them not to be displayed by filter:

    I want to sync those files being created in about June to Dez. 2015. And I want to show the files sorted by alphabet, because they belong (according to its names) to each other, so the files belonging to each other shall not be separated.
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    The Other Filter Date is specific to Last Modified, so we cannot exclude based on Creation Date.

    It is currently set to Exlcude Newer Than Nov 26, and I do not see any files with a Last Modified of newer than Nov 26 in your screenshot, so it appears to be working? You can toggle on Suppress Filters in the toolbar to see and confirm the currently excluded items, although this toggle shows all suppressed items, not just the Date Filter items (Display Filter, Name Filters, and Other Filters).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello Aaron,

      Thank you.

      Yes, it should work correctly like it is on the screenshots.

      so we cannot exclude based on Creation Date.
      Why is that, isn't it an important / useful criteria / data? So do I understand it right, there is no creation date shown / showable?


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        When performing a copy to a new folder, it's OS standard that the Creation date by the time of the Copy's Creation (now), rather than the original. Our default behavior is to follow this convention (unless overridden in the Session Settings->Handling tab with an option we recently added). This makes the Creation Date less useful to compare, since it's expected to change even for files that are otherwise the same. Expanding and enhancing this with options to override the OS convention is something on our wishlist.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Alright, I understand, thank you very much