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Access denied - copyng portable .exe files

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  • Access denied - copyng portable .exe files

    Freshly installed Windows 10 x64.
    I have a portable application. It was nót yet running...
    Downloaded a newer version of it and extracted it into a different folder.

    Did a compare and copied the newer files from the new folder to the existing one.
    Went fine, except for 1 .exe
    Access denied error.
    Closed my browser, explorer, etc. until almost nothing was running.
    Still the same thing.
    In the A/V software log files I only see entries dated yesterday.
    Files have no 'R' attribute.

    I wish I knew what process is causing this.
    Don't know if at all it is possible to display such info...?
    i.e. something like access denied by [blabla], so at least the user has something to go on.



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    Sorry to see you are running into trouble. We have a couple quick tests to help determine the exact issue you are encountering:

    If you try the same copy using Windows Explorer instead of BC4, does this provide an extra prompt or error message?

    If you haven't had a chance yet, does a reboot help either BC4 or Explorer copy this file?

    If you copy from the original source to a temp Desktop\ folder, does this work? Does it then work to copy from the Desktop\temp\ to the original destination?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for getting back on this.
      Well, in the end I solved the matter by just using Explorer to copy the file.
      There were no issues at all whilst doing that.
      I don't know why BC stumbled over this issue. As said, the file was not in use or so.
      Probably a one-off glitch :-)



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        Ok, sounds good. If it starts to crop up more regularly, let us know. The above steps are the first troubleshooting steps to try (including re-copying again in BC4, even if Explorer works), to note if the behavior continues to fail or if it then works for all future copies once the problem file is successfully copied once.
        Aaron P Scooter Software