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Feature Req : Duplicate File / Duplicate line

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  • Feature Req : Duplicate File / Duplicate line

    Hi Everyone,

    Here's a modest feature request which may help productivity in BC. There are many times where I find myself needing to jump out of BC in order to duplicate a folder or file so I'd like to suggest adding a duplicate function in the right click menu. This fucntion also extends to lines within the text editor.
    Examples below. (Sorry if this is a hard one guys!)

    Interested to hear people's thoughts.

    -- Gregory

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    Could you clarify how you would like BC4 to perform a "Duplicate" command?

    My current assumption would be it would function similar to a Copy/Paste on the Folder level, taking the folder or file and creating a duplicate but renamed version of it. For the Text Compare, would it perform an insert directly below the selection, and copy paste?

    As quick, built-in commands, you can use BC4's Copy To Folder command to create a copy and select an arbitrary target of that copy for the Folder Compare, and a Copy/Paste for the Text Compare to paste in text directly at the cursor position assuming Full Edit mode (F2) is enabled.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron,

      You're correct. If a user is to duplicate a file(s) or folder(s), then it would add "copy" to the end of the filename/foldername. Eg.
      Foldername copy

      Thanks for the tip about the built in command. I'm trying to avoid using the copy and paste command. Would a video of what I'm looking for help describe this better?


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        We wouldn't need the video; I understand the request from the Folder Compare level.

        This is not a command we currently support, but I can add your notes to our Customer Wishlist. In the meantime, we do expose the Explorer menu -> Copy and Paste commands, as well as have our own Copy To Folder command.
        Aaron P Scooter Software