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Alignment Override - I don't get it

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  • Alignment Override - I don't get it

    I have spent the last few hours trying to figure this out. I upgraded to the Pro version of BC4 so that I could use alignment override.

    My filenames on the left are a shortened version of filenames on the right
    e.g Left = "01 This is a name of a song that is.mp3"
    Right = "01 This is a name of a song that is really long.mp3"

    I want to match the two up. The extension may not always be .mp3 -- could be .m4a or something else.

    Why can't I figure this out?

    These are the regular expressions that I have using -- adapted from other posts:
    $1.mp3 = (.{35}).*\.mp3
    $1.m4a = (.{35}).*\.m4a

    If I could do this without specific file extensions, that would be great.

    Regular expressions are clicked on both

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    Our Alignment Overrides only support Regular Expressions on the Matching/Left side, so for a Long Name find, the long name should be on the Left. The dropdown control next to the textbox shows the current RegEx controls available to each text box (note the with Right dropdown is limited to $1, etc).

    So for this example, swap sides so the longer name is on the left, then configure the Alignmenet Override to be something like:
    Regular Expression Enabled.

    Regular Expressions are pretty tricky, and the limitation of Finding on the Left Side adds some complexity to the problem.

    To help users trial BC4 Pro if they are already registered for Std, you can revert to trial mode to test either feature set:
    Aaron P Scooter Software